Restaurant Week Review: Fourth & Final – Jake’s Del Mar

Never been to Jake’s before, but heard RAVE reviews from others, so I had to check it out.

Chose to come during restaurant week since I also heard it’s pricey. Not surprising though, since it IS in Del Mar, which is notoriously NOT cheap. Let’s just jump right into this, so here we go…!

Overall Rating: 9

This rating is on a scale of 1-10 and here are my thoughts:

1. Parking – Street or valet options. Street parking IS metered though, which I thought was alright, especially since I wasn’t driving hehe. Seriously though, we got there at 11:30am, and by the time we left, street parking was next to zero and the valet lot was full. This is a popular joint so try and go early!

2. Atmosphere – Very pretty! Has a beachside location, and even though it was overcast, it was still lovely to watch the water. Nice classy, beachy feel to the décor (lots of white and brown wood trim) with tables that remind me of a vacation spot.  

3. Service – Very good service, attentive wait staff and even though it was busy, we did not wait. We were a table of 5 and still we got all food and beverage refills/delivery in a timely, polite manner. I thought it was pretty funny to see the wait staff though. All the boys (and I say that because they were ALL young men) looked like fresh faced little surfers. I am not sure if that’s a requirement but I could definitely see a trend!

4. Food/Portions – Delicious! I had some fried calamari with a nice sweet & sour sauce. Very tender and not chewy. I also had their seafood tower, which is listed as an appetizer, but with the pre-meal bread, the calamari and that tower, I was full. Finished the meal with some nice coffee and their signature “Pie” .. which is actually more like a giant piece of ice cream cake with oreo crust and a seriously thick layer of chocolate on top. Good but WAY too rich (and large) for one person to eat, unless they are a competitive eater.  

Would I go back? Perhaps on a special evening/date but not regularly since the prices are a bit out of my range for the every day. Hear they have a good menu of cocktails though and a fairly good happy hour menu, so might be worth doing that one evening!  

Jake’s Del Mar
Price (on a scale of $-$$$): $$-$$$
1660 Coast Blvd
Del Mar, CA 92014


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