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Win the morning – Win the Day

I wrote about it a few days ago here: 2020 – What’s in store? – but my morning routine has been something I have been working on. I heard the title quote multiple places/times – but it SEEMS that starting a morning in a way that feels right for the individual, can help set the tone for the day. Not just with regard to “success” or “productivity” – but just general mood, mental health and/or happiness.

What are YOUR mornings like? Erratic? Soothing. Frantic? Calm. Hurried? Relaxing.

I am most certainly not a “stereotypical” morning person and never have been. However, I’m trying to be better. I want to build better habits – so here I am. Waking up early. Who even am I? For reference – I USED to be (until about a couple months ago) the type to wake up just in time to get ready for work and get out the door.

I offer you a glimpse into my average weekday routine:

6:15am – Wake up, more accurately, regain consciousness and step outside of my cave. I could lie right here and say “make my bed” – because everyone talks about just HOW important that is – but I don’t and I won’t lie – make your bed if it helps you – but frankly it does nothing for me.
I DID invest (something like $30-$40 USD) in a special alarm clock that I have found SO helpful to the process. It begins a wake up “cycle” 30 minutes prior to the time I want to be up. It gradually increases the light until it’s full “sunlight” mode by the time the alarm goes off. The alarm is something soothing, like the sound of birds chirping and I customized the strength/how loud it is so I am not scared into my waking.  Check out something similar here. It also allows TWO alarm settings – so I have one preset for 8am on weekends and 6:15am on weekdays. It ALSO allows me to fall asleep in the reverse cycle of how I wake up (gently dimming the light down, etc).

6:20am – Stumble to coffee maker and pour myself some delicious, hot, bean water.
**I set up my coffee machine the evening prior, to ensure the goodness is ready**
Here’s my little “hotel” size one with a timer setting
**Yes – I know I don’t eat breakfast, blah blah blah “most important meal of the day”… do you boo.

6:20am – 6:45am ish – Read my emails, look at social media and let the “mindless” scrolling entertain my brain until I feel awake enough to be focused.

6:45am/7:00am ish – Get dressed and begin whatever workout/activity I want to do for the morning. I use that time to dress for the weather, choose a podcast or audiobook that I want to read and get ready. One of my fave books to work on improving habits – Atomic Habits

7:00am – 7:30am ish – Get moving! I like to fulfill my “30 minutes of activity” before work – so there’s no excuse later. If I CAN or DO feel so inclined to do more later in the day, of course that’s great, but if I get sidetracked, I at least did a little.
**I always set a timer and make sure I do 30 minutes. UNLESS of course something is hurting – always stop before you injure yourself**

7:30am – 8:00am ish – Look over my planner, fill in my journal and read. I like to check my day/week every day, so nothing is able to be a surprise. I love a good surprise, but I don’t like life to take me BY surprise.

8:00am – Get in the shower, get dressed & get to work by 9:00am.

Sure – some may say that “so much structure isn’t fun” – That’s fine. Some don’t want to get up early – That’s fine too. However – this is just what I personally have found helps me set my day off on the right foot.

I used to hate getting up early and feeling like it was a “waste” of time being “up for no reason.” Then I realized that I just had no reason – therefore of COURSE I didn’t want to. I now see the VALUE in getting up early.
1. I have time to mentally prepare for the day ahead/human interaction. I’m not so friendly right out the gate – so this “early start” is safer for the rest of humanity too!

2. I feel accomplished before I even get to work! I can set a mindset/intention of being a bad-ass by propelling my mind to that place, just with small wins.

3. I KNOW I am making myself, my health and my well-being a priority. Love yourself enough to put yourself first sometimes. It’s ok.

4. I enjoy the quiet of the morning and getting to sit in silence for a bit before the world spins loudly and out of control.
**I can’t control what life throws at me – but I can control how I react to it. I have found that when I feel calm, it’s much easier for me to not freak out when life throws me a pile of shit**

If you want an interesting podcast on the topic – check out “The Tim Ferriss Show” Episode #253: Morning Routines and Strategies here

Now – go slay your day! … or at least try 🙂



I am NOT paid to endorse any product, entity or program. I share what I use/like and am not an advertiser for any of the aforementioned.


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