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2019 – My Year in Review

In my excitement for 2020 – I COMPLETELY forgot to talk about 2019!

HOW DID I SPEND A WHOLE YEAR?! Here’s a little highlight reel and some thoughts/lessons learned…

Kicked off my 2019 with a girls trip to Hawaii. Spent time with an old friend from the military and saw a new place that I had yet to visit! I ended 2018 determined to travel more – and so I made sure to book plans in advance and just GO.

I’m an AUNT! My sister gave birth to a lovely little boy – and I got to fill a new, exciting role in my life as “Aunt Ti” – which is both frightening and awesome. He’s the cutest and it reinforces that I love him, but I still don’t want one of my own.

Tattoo. I got a large shoulder piece addition to my tattoo collection, that I had long mulled over. I took the plunge AND this time I collaborated with the artist to create it. It’s def one of my favorites in my “collection” and it’s just beautiful.

1 year “Fit-aversary” – which culminated in an actual photo shoot. Scary. Exhilarating. Rewarding. It was a hell of a year leading up to it and I am very glad that I took the plunge to document my own progress/achievement. My health and fitness are things I look very differently upon than I did in my youth, so this was a nice end to a HARD year.

Scotland! Trip to Glasgow/Edinburgh was AHMazing. Just so gorgeous. I have hardly the words to appropriately describe the beauty and magical feelings. The scenery. The castles. The food. The people. The bagpipes and kilts – it was just all so much!

Friends – Fair – Food. Summer in San Diego is a beautiful thing, full of great fun, sun and food! The county fair takes place and I was fortunate enough to get to spend an afternoon there with a friend who had never gone. It’s always more fun to experience things with someone who hasn’t and share in their experience.

  • THIS mid point of the year was a BIG turning point in my life.

June was when I made the firm decision that I was ending my Law School Journey. I had successfully completed the first year (1L as it’s referred to) – but wasn’t feeling excited. Don’t get me wrong, I know 1L is AWFUL at best for almost everyone buuuuuuttttttt I didn’t feel like it was the path for me. I finished the first year and turned in my notice.

Withdrew from law school & turned 34. By my 34th birthday I had finalized my withdrawal from school and was easing back into a slightly slower pace of life.

It was honestly the best decision I probably made for myself in 2019 and one I don’t regret. I was burning the candle at both ends, for something I wasn’t excited about – it was time to up end the status quo.

Visited home. I spent a week at home with mom & dad, as well as my sister, brother in law and new nephew. Home is always a wonderful place to be, and it’s really quite rare that the whole family makes it there at once – AND of course – it was SO nice to meet my nephew in person FINALLY. He’s such a happy/joyful baby and he can make anyone smile.

I was feeling the “boredom” of no longer having a life consumed by law school, workouts and work – so I went searching for something to fill some time. I ended up deciding to volunteer more. I signed up and went through the process of getting reviewed/approved to be an end of life, hospice volunteer. I’ve been doing this since and it’s very rewarding. I help both in the office and go twice monthly to visit a local patient. If you’re ever bored – check out this site and spend some time doing something good

I ended up traveling to Seattle and visiting some extended family due to a death. Never ideal, or the best time, but it was nice to reconnect and see people I don’t very often. Made me remember the importance of my own family/parents and that I should convey my appreciation for people more frequently.
ALSO – in a last minute/spur of the moment decision – I found a STEAL of a deal for round trip airfare from Los Angeles to Dublin ($303.00 total!) – so I bought and booked a trip for the early part of December!

Leading into the holiday season – it was just a lot of time spent at work – with life sprinkled in. I made a decision to keep things a bit more low key for myself this year (holiday wise) and try not to overspend. I made the choice not to over exert my emotional state, AND my bank account.

Ireland time! Ok, and Christmas, and New Years Eve – but mostly Ireland. Spent around a week exploring the city of Dublin. Linked up with the man-friend, who was kind enough to fly over from Scotland, and we did the damn thing. Ate a LOT of fried foods, toured the Guinness Storehouse (and drank a LOT of the delicious drink!), toured the Jameson Distillery and made new friends from around the world, checked out the Trinity College Long Room/Library and it was breathtaking. All in all – it was an amazing high note to end a fun filled year.

I saw a quote about the year and I would agree, for me, 2019 is about laying the groundwork and 2020 is for making moves/reaping rewards. I plan to make 2020 even greater and more fulfilling, in every way! *Cheers*


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