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These are a few of my favorite things…

As the song goes, I thought I might share some of my favorite things, or at least a top 10 list of things I reference and/or use in my day to day life.

**I am NOT paid or sponsored to endorse any of these items or things. I just love them or believe in them. I also do not advocate for anyone to go spend money on them. :)**

  1. Day Planner – I LOVE my planner. Mostly because I got to design it myself and make it the way MY brain works, and it meets my personal needs. I designed it at the Golden Coil website – and you can customize your own 282 pages worth of budgets, quotes, calendars, notes, and more. Love this – and for those of you who love to use a “pen and ink” planner, I swear you’ll never go back after custom designing your own. The paper is a nice, heavy weight that doesn’t allow bleed through. The size is large enough to allow those of us with BIG handwriting to manage without squishing things. I can’t say enough good things about mine!
  2. In my previous post (click here) I wrote about my morning routine. My alarm clock and my programmable coffee maker are DEF two things I would be so sad to be without. Check out the previous post link and see what I am raving about (and why!). To go along with that – every morning I drink my favorite coffee, by “Death Wish Coffee Company“. I prefer the original roast MIXED with the (seasonal) pumpkin spice roast. WARNING: Their coffee has SUPER HIGH caffeine levels – so don’t go wild out the gate! I also love the Teavana brand “Earl Grey Cremehot tea sachets. They are Earl Grey – but with an added hint of vanilla and lavender – but again – they are FULL caffeine so best not before bed.
  3. Budgeting/Finance – My budgeting app of choice is the Dave Ramsey brainchild called “Every Dollar“. I have implemented various pieces of his financial guidance in my life – but this app is something I use literally every day. I have used it for over two years and it helps me build a “zero based budget” – but also to track my spending/transactions.
  4. Fitness – Peloton Bike & Boxing Gym – I LOVE love love my Peloton Bike. For less than a monthly “boutique” spin membership – I have a bike in my house, hand weights, shoes, and access to ALL the Peloton workouts on the app. I can also have up to 16 friends/family on my account for NO added charge! If there’s interest – I can write a FULL blog post just about my bike. Also, one of the most important parts of my “fitness journey” in the past year has been the boxing style training I took part in, and the family I found at Xplicit Fitness in San Diego, CA. They are not just a gym, but a place that cares about having FUN, building community, focusing on nutrition, and of course – working out with awesome classes!
  5. SkincareCurology has been my miracle in a bottle – but really it’s not a “miracle,” it’s just customized for my actual skincare needs. Easy, convenient and affordable, I have photographic proof of the results. I have long struggled with adult acne (and the dark spots left from scarring) – and this has helped my skin SO much.
  6. Design – For work (and personal) I frequently utilize the Canva Website to make professional and aesthetically pleasing designs. Invitations, flyers, greeting cards and more. It’s an easy “drag & drop” platform and even if you don’t pay for the upgraded “pro” version – there’s a TON of free options. Just try it – it’s honestly so intuitive and makes things look 1000% nicer than any old word doc.
  7. Fashion – At the moment, I am all about trying to downsize and not purchase things I don’t need or would be considered “fast fashion”. One item that I LOVE and get CONSTANT compliments on: the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star GR82 – These platform boots are SO comfortable, cool and the right amount of “edgy” but fun. I wear mine at least two or three days a week (at work too!) and have walked miles in them without my feet hurting. They look great with jeans, shorts or dresses and are available in both black and white.
  8. Moisturizer – Inside and Out. For the inside – I love my Tervis Tumbler (it has a unicorn/kitten on it) and helps me drink more water. I can keep things hot or cold in it, and it has a sippy cup style lid, for the little ones like me who spill things. As for outside – I swear by the Laneige Lip Mask to heal cracked, dry lips. I literally keep a pot of it at my desk at work, by my bedside and in my bathroom makeup stash. I gift it, I use it and I love it.
  9. Travel – I love to travel and I love a good deal. For that I subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights premium. I pay $49.00 per year (there’s a free option too – just some deals are ONLY sent to premium members) and I get emails directly to my inbox that alert me to some AH-MAY-ZING travel deals. That is what I used to find/book the deal to go round trip from LAX to Dublin for just $303.00 USD. This site is great for people who aren’t afraid to book a deal within 24-48 hours, since the deals are usually gone really quickly. If you’re one to want to mull it over, this may not work for you.
  10.  MusicSpotify (I pay for premium) – so I have my playlists, unlimited skipping back and forth, and no ads. I have done other platforms in the past, and I just love this one the best. For the price – premium isn’t costing as much as a satellite radio subscription, but I can still pick and choose. I enjoy that I can interface with my home speaker system, my Roku on my TV, and enjoy more than just music (such as podcasts, some audio books, and things like guided meditation).

I do love whiskers on kittens as well…but these are 10 of my most used/favorite things. I hope you enjoy and maybe they can help make your life better or brighter!



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