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Fitness Journey

This is just one story of one piece of who I am. Let me say starting out that it is embarrassing, uncomfortable, and awkward AF to share pictures and stats about myself like this BUT it’s also something that I know is worth sharing. If I can help one person feel like starting their journey, it is worth it. If I can make someone else feel more comfortable in their own mind or body, it’s worth it.

Let’s get into it…

April 25, 2018
This fateful day was when I saw a photo of myself (taken just a couple days prior) and I was appalled, to say the least. I saw a version of myself that I had refused to notice before and now I couldn’t un-see it.
Starting Stats:
5′ 2″
Weight: Appx 148 lbs
Visceral fat levels that were in the range of dangerous & A1C (blood sugar) levels that were at the start of Type 2 Diabetes

April 26, 2018
I took my first “progress pictures” for “day 0” and set off to change. I wasn’t quite sure how or what I was going to do – but I was going to do something. I had a membership at a local gym still since the previous year – so I did utilize that intermittently during the course of my “journey” for workouts.


May 2018
I bought a groupon deal for a local gym near me that did boxing style classes, strength/weight lifting classes and spin classes. I started testing the waters and going to classes. I ended up liking the spin classes most – so I kept the rest of the groupon voucher for that and went for it.

June 2018
I used up my spin groupon – so I joined the gym. I did the boxing workouts and the spin classes. During this time I was attending classes 4-5 times per week.
I also shaved my head this month. Call it what you want – but for me, it was motivating and exhilarating. Read about it here and here.

July 2018
I sat down with a trainer and took a serious look at my diet. He told me what I sort of already knew/guessed – but I was starving myself. Between low calorie intake and high calorie expenditure through workouts, I was essentially hurting myself, and while I looked “skinnier” – I wasn’t on a sustainable or HEALTHY trajectory.


August & September 2018
I worked on balancing the workouts with FUELING my body. I did some a challenge at my gym and made a focused effort to keep my mindset right and not strictly aim for aesthetic goals.

October 2018
By this time I was leaning out and looking to specifically make certain parts of my body more shaped/toned – so I signed up with the GluteLab. I met some incredible trainers here, learned some movements, techniques and how to use machines that has been so helpful ever since.

November – December 2018
I enjoyed the holiday season – but kept at it with all my workouts: boxing classes, gym sessions, lifting personal training sessions and more.


February 2019
To help stay motivated I scheduled a photo shoot for my 1-year “fit”-aversary! I hired a friend to take the photos, my gym was kind enough to provide me a backdrop and I set the date! Did another gym challenge for 21 days!


March 2019
I won’t lie – my motivation was lacking and I was all but burnt out. I had done 3 or 4 different 3-6 week “challenges” during the past year and had spent a LOT of time in the gym.

April 2019
Photoshoot time! I did it! I made it and I finished strong. Here are some pictures from the shoot!


Also – as a gift to myself, and a way to keep myself motivated/going – I bought a Peloton Bike!

I actually didn’t “lose” a ton of “weight” like some people do – I found that at my leanest I was only about 13lbs less on the scale. I have a shift in my fat to muscle ratios and my weight honestly doesn’t change much. It’s what my body is like and my composition, not to say that I am not jealous at how quickly some people lose weight, and how drastically.

It’s now been almost 9 months since my “1 year” mark and I have worked hard to maintain a level of health and fitness, so that I never go back to where I was in that “before” picture. I have a much better/thoughtful relationship with food (and alcohol) and I know how to listen to my body. I work out less intensely, but more consistently than ever before. In April I will have my sugar levels checked again and with any luck maybe I will be safely out of the range of pre, or actual diabetes. That to me was the scariest thing – knowing I had a preventable disease that was lifestyle driven. Of course there is a portion of it that is genetic – but I could make some changes too and likely save myself a lifetime of medications and doctor bills/visits.

My journey is still ongoing. I still eat junk sometimes, I still drink alcohol and I still skip workouts from time to time – but I promise that small changes make a big difference. Even if it’s just a small action or change – make it today and keep going!

Photos by Tiffany at TDZ who is a wonderful photographer and person! Gym is Xplicit Fitness in San Diego. Stars and stripes outfit by IAB Athletic Apparel

I am not sponsored, endorsed or paid by any of the people or groups mentioned. I just like them. 🙂



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