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Half Marathon Training – Week 1

The Nike LA 13.1 is the half marathon I am training for – you can check out the race route and info here!

Day 1 – 3 Miles
I hadn’t planned on this being week 1 of my half marathon training (I only signed last night!) so I had already done a 3.5 mile run the day before. This meant I was a bit stiff and I can feel the tension in my back and knees. Overall, not terrible feeling and I was able to keep an average of 13.5 minutes per mile – which is my “goal” for the race day.
I notice it takes me about a mile or so “warm up” to get into a groove at all with breathing and joints/stiffness but overall, not the worst.

Day 2 – 2 Miles
To be honest – I did 2 miles – but having done about 6.7 miles in the 2 days preceding this, it was tough. I also used my new shoes and compression tights for the first time – so that was also new/different and interesting. Today felt a bit more painful and slow so I am very glad that tomorrow is a rest day. My training plan has Day 4 as a cross training day – but I may switch that with Day 5 so that my joints aren’t as impacted for my long runs on Day 6. We shall see.

Day 3 – Rest
THANK the heavens. REALLY needed a rest day. Last night I was exhausted and went to bed EXTRA early. Even though it’s a rest day – I did get up this morning and use my home massage belt thing (check out something similar here) and foam rolled a bit. I have noticed that with the new “jogging” program I get really tense spots in my back (between my shoulder blade area) and my calves/Achilles. Interested to see how tomorrow’s training feels, since I know yesterday’s did not feel good at ALL.

Day 4 – 3 Miles
Did it – but it was sloooooow. Man was it slow. My ankles/achilles were fired up on me and just did not want to cooperate. Looking at options for what I can do about it – but anyone reading have any insight?! Used the new knee braces/support and that felt like it helped both during AND after. My knees like to flare up and get inflamed after I jog, and today after using them, they were not nearly as puffed up and angry. 

Day 5 – Cross Training
I meant to do this workout on my Peloton Bike – but I was absolutely wiped. I came home and went to bed rather early instead. 

Day 6 – 4 Miles
Woah! This was tough. Prior to this, the longest I’ve ever run continually was a 5k. I did do back to back 5ks for a 10k once – but I stopped between and rested and drank a beer lol so that sort of doesn’t count? This run felt better though and I stayed on track with my goal pace per mile. Had some new shoes I was trying out and they felt good, as well as some added knee and ankle support. Went to roadrunner sports to get my feet and run style analyzed, which I think was well worth it. From that, got some custom insoles to further try and help ensure I don’t injure myself!

Day 7 – Rest
I did! I actually did some massaging and attempting to help my muscles heal a bit. Week one is DONE and I am honestly very happy I lived to tell the tale. 

I have incorporated a “joint juice” into my daily routine to try and help ease any injury or discomfort and been working on just staying focused. By the end of Week 2 training plan I will run further (at one time) than I have ever in my life. It’s quite frightening. Finished Week 1 training at 15.32 miles – which is a whole lot more than I ever thought I ever could. 


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