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Every Plate – Meal Delivery Service – Review

Having tried “Hello Fresh” (read my review here) and finding myself dissatisfied with the service, I am now in the midst of my first week of “Every Plate” meal service. This is a service that has a selection of meals that you choose from, then those ingredients are packaged and sent (with instructions) to your home in a refrigerated box.

I created an account online and with the coupon code, it will be about $39 – $59 per week for 5 meals (two people meals/serving size) – which is a better price point than Hello Fresh. The discount was for a span of 3 weeks, so it will go up to that $55 price after the trial period. The meals end up around $3-$5 per meal – but they have “premium” recipes (that have more expensive protein options such as scallops for instance) that can make the price go up further. The overall price (without any premium meals, but even after the trial period discount) will still be within my weekly grocery budget.

I chose a delivery date of Wednesday. The “window” of delivery was from 8am to 8pm – however upon review of my delivery status email, turns out that the delivery courier has until THEIR final delivery time soooo while I wasn’t happy about it, I did receive it FINALLY about 9pm.

So having finally received the food now, I was at least able to assess:

  1. I got all the recipe cards, which was good – except I realized later that if I had been more thoughtful in my order process, I would have gotten two (or more) of the same meals, and thereby not made as much individual work for myself.
  2. These are ALOT more kitchen work than I anticipated and was hoping for, especially for a meal for “two people”…hence why I (for my future weeks) have done what I said in point 1 ^, and gotten multiple of the same meal, to bring down the cooking process/dirtying of dishes.
  3. Ingredients were all accounted for, less the things like cooking spray, olive oil, tin foil, butter, salt & pepper, etc. HOWEVER – unlike Hello Fresh, I got a big box of all the stuff and nothing was actually separated.
    I ended up taking all the dry goods out and putting them in a container in my kitchen, all the little condiment packets out and leaving just the vegetables in the box in the fridge, so at least it’s less mess to sift through when I am ready to make each meal. That is one area that could be easier (HF had everything in individual bags for each meal) – but I get that it lowers the price, so I am not complaining too much.

As a way to ease costs for the consumer, they also have less weekly meal options to choose from. I don’t think it’s terrible though, as they have at least 5-8 different meal choices. The cost difference allows me more food for the same or less cost as HF, and that’s good because I eat far more these days as well since I have half marathon training burning through calories.

All in all – I’m ok with it so far. The price point is really what enticed me, and the fact that I have to cook, thereby being (hopefully) more healthy while saving myself money.  Should anything change or come up, will update!


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