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Half Marathon Training – Week 2

Day 1 – 3 Miles

This particular Monday didn’t feel too awful. I think part of this was in part due to a new accessory I purchased this weekend for recovery purposes, the Hyperice Hypervolt+. I have used it almost every day since Saturday and I can feel a MUCH improved situation going on in the legs. My calves, achilles, and hips are much better for it AND thankfully I had a ton of “Roadrunner VIP” reward points, so it actually didn’t cost me so much.

Day 2 – 4 Miles

I have been doing a blend of mileage and time during my training, since I know I need to work on my endurance, effectively “budgeting” 15 minutes per “mile” on my training plan each day.
I like the “cushion” I have per mile (my goal per mile is in the 13:00 – 13:59 minute mile) range – and typically I have been able to do that.
TODAY felt different though. I hope it continues – but today felt so much better!? Breathing, cadence and ease overall was noticeably improved and I had my best run yet this morning, doing 4.9 miles in 60 minutes, at a pace of 12:14 min/mi.

Also – my adorable friend KB gifted me a massage ball for my training/recovery. She’s so sweet and supportive. On TOP of that – my other friend KD was being all super supportive as well and offered to go up and back with me on the day before/day of the race. She said she wanted to ensure someone was there to cheer for me and celebrate my first half, so that is super thoughtful and I am so aware of how awesome my circle is.

Day 3 – Rest

Last night my left knee was giving me some serious strange feelings – so I am glad it was a rest day today.  Ice, compression, and Ibuprofen were all brought into play. Massage with the Hypervolt+ and other at home remedies throughout the day and night to help prepare for the 3 miles tomorrow that will need to be done.

Day 4 – 3 Miles

SOoooo this morning’s run was weird. It was a little struggle in the beginning (it was very chilly today?) but in comparison to Week 1 training of the same mileage and day of the week – I improved my time by almost a full two minutes! 12:34 min/mi pace today compared to a 14:31 min/mi pace exactly a week prior!
To be completely transparent though…That pace improvement was likely because about 1.5 miles into the training, my stomach decided it was time to have diarrhea. Thankfully, my history of IBS prepared me well for this battle, and I was uncomfortable doing it – but I finished the 3 miles and made it home without incident!

Day 5 – Cross Training

20 Minute “Recovery” Ride on my Peloton bike. This was a nice change of pace (literally) and was much needed to ease my stiff joints/legs. I love how Robin brought up the point that it takes just as much (sometimes more) to know how to hold back and recover, in comparison to going all out and pushing yourself hard! It takes consistency and daily practice to get better, but it’s not always a practice of 100%, some days it’s rest, sleep and ice. I feel the urge sometimes to try and push myself on rest or cross training days – but I don’t, because I know I need to trust the plan. Trust the workouts. The coaches. The guidance. Trust myself and listen to my body!

Day 6 – 6 Miles

Did just about 7.25 miles in 90 minutes. Certainly felt like a long time but overall not as bad as I had envisioned it would be. Tried a “supplement Gel” for the first time during a run and while I know it was for a specific purpose – that didn’t make it taste and the better.

Day 7 – Rest

Well the end of my Day 6 training I noticed a distinct discomfort in my left ankle/Achilles. My trusty google medical degree left me fairly certain I strained my Achilles. Good times. Ice, compression and rest is all I can do – because I have I invested so much time and energy into this training now I would be so upset if I couldn’t actually do this damn half marathon!


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