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Virtual Reality

I recently tried my first “virtual reality” simulation at Sandbox VR in San Diego, CA. 

My man-friend and I were looking to try something new and fun – so we hopped online and made a reservation. We opted for an “alien invasion” scenario which let us shoot, flame throw and fight off aliens, as we attempted to “deliver the package” to save the world. 

During this 30 minute experience (which cost about $35.00 per person) we were outfitted from head to toe with funny looking gear and put into a green room. The gear was all easy and comfortable, however I did notice I was SWEATY under the goggles/head portion by the end. 

The first portion of the simulation is just making sure everyone’s equipment works, lets you do a test run of the weapons, and familiarizes you with the boundaries of the game and room. After that – you’re off and running. It’s about 20-25 minutes of actual game time experience and it’s actually really fun! I am glad we didn’t opt for the “horror house” simulation, as I’m fairly certain I would have peed myself, as it’s does feel very real at times. They have heat/cool fans in the room to add to the real feeling of movement (like when you’re moving up and down on a platform). 

During and at the end, the staff take candid photos of you (like the one below) and also edit together a couple short videos of the experience. They airdrop them to one of the participants and I liked that they do not charge extra for it. All in all – I would def do it again! 🙂


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