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Tanuki – Sake and Tasting Menu

Late last year, I was introduced to a hidden gem called Tanuki. This place is nestled into a very unassuming corner and I honestly would never have noticed it if I hadn’t been formally invited there by a friend. 

Come to find out – they have a monthly lunch where they pair some AH-mazing sakes with delicious food! The Chef is truly wonderful, and the pairings were more than generous. They took the time to explain each sake and the various styles, while delighting my tummy with 8 courses of delectable tastings, ranging from nigiri to waygu beef, all the way through chocolate and marshmallow. It was truly an experience (it’s limited in seating, and only once a month) so I suggest you get it on your list for upcoming dining experiences! Email or call them to get on the list – but for now, enjoy some photos from my recent lunch!


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