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Pardon me while I get FULLY excited for a moment. 

In a world where we sometimes (often times) don’t always fit the “mold” of what is around us, the TED Talk below was one that really resonated with me. 

I used to beat myself up (a LOT) about not having a “dream” destiny/career/life path or WHATEVER you want to call it. I used to think I wasn’t normal or perhaps I was just not focused enough. Well, as it is so eloquently put in this talk, it took me a long time, but around the age of 30 I finally realized that my many, varied interests and talents were enough; however, I was just shown this TED talk this week by my coach, and I am overjoyed to have heard it and know I’m not alone in my feelings! I stopped ages ago trying to fit into a “career box” and started taking inventory of the ways in which I was/am successful, regardless of not being a “specific” path person. 

Since I left home at 17, I have found a way to exist, make money and support myself (and my various interests, bad habits and more). I never was without, and my basic needs (and much more) were always available. I really feel so empowered and proud to have so many skills rather than only one. I might not be a concert level virtuoso, but I also don’t WANT to be! Taking a winding road, with stops along the way works for me, and I hope this video gives you the language to articulate your own feelings, if you find you might too be a multipotentialite, or whatever name you want to use. 



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