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Methodology – Meal Service Review

If you’ve read my blog in the past, by now you know I love to try things/services, sometimes for fun, sometimes just because of a discount, but I TRY things! I also love food, but sometimes that whole “cooking for 1” thing just doesn’t work well for my budget, my waist or my time/efficiency.

Methodology is advertised on many social media platforms as a “premium meal delivery service”. I was intrigued by the idea that it was pre-cooked food (lazy, I KNOW), all the while being healthy and with a sustainable spin (glass jars for transporting some of the food) and lots of veggie based/healthier focused meals. It comes across a bit pretentious and crunchy to some, but I like it.

First thoughts during ordering:
Wow. This is expensive. It is. The price point is much greater than other boxes I have reviewed in the past (around $15.00 per meal on average), however that also includes 1. I am not cooking the food, rather just reheating, and 2. I keep the packaging (cute glass jars with pink lids!). Also, there’s a flat rate fee of around $9.00 per box, so the cost can be decreased by ordering once a week versus twice.

Delivery is FAR superior! They use a company called Axlehire and it is SO much better. In my experience thus far, the text is sent when your box is out in a car for delivery. You can click the text link and be taken to a page where you can refresh and see the estimate for delivery. It’s fairly accurate and so far I have not had any missed deliveries or ones that were seemingly poorly cared for (which is important to me since it’s glassware), unlike previous run ins with some other common carriers.

The food. It’s really good. Honestly, it is delicious and it feels so healthy! I can’t lie about it, and even things like eggs are still well done/prepared. If it has a guest chef contributor like Dominique Crenn, it’s almost certain to be delicious and high quality. I also have to admit that I FEEL healthier. It helps me make good choices, more easily, and I definitely notice the difference in what I’m craving. It also sort of starts the “snowball effect” of good choices, and I seem to gravitate toward other healthy options more frequently if I’ve had a “healthy” meal or snack.

Will I continue? Welllllll – budget willing, yes. I might not get ALL my meals, exclusively from there, but I think I will allow myself some “splurge” while we are staying at home that is both good for me and not “dining out” or junk food. I really like some of their items, however with almost $10.00 delivery fees – I will probably just do an order every other week of some items and seek to integrate the meals & ingredients into my everyday cooking.

If you’re curious, I am still on the “Every Plate” meal subscription box too, that I wrote about here; however, I have opted for a smaller portion size in my weekly box (3 meals x two people) and every OTHER week versus every week, to balance the things I have been trying from Methodology and ensure I’m not wasting food/throwing out ingredients. I also noticed that while Every Plate is a great “bang for the buck” and such, it is less health conscious than I prefer. I generally end up changing the recipes for almost every dish to omit unnecessary (to my personal diet) dairy, fat or carbohydrates. While I try to re-use/re-purpose the ingredients, there are times that I just won’t use things, such as excessive amounts of cream cheese, shredded cheese, sour cream, hamburger rolls/buns, or tortillas.


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