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A 12-Hour Day

I recently was asked the question “if each day was only 12 hours long, what would you cut out?”

First, this doesn’t stipulate if this would just change from how things are currently (24 hour days) – or not – so I am going to assume that it would. Secondly, I would have to know/consider if my life and all it’s obligations remained the same? Would I still have to pay the same amount for bills and rent? Would my job pay me the same amount of money?

All that to say, in looking at my life and how I spend my time, I honestly wouldn’t want to cut anything out. If anything, everything might get compressed into a percentage of that 12 hours, but nothing needs to GO.
I LIKE my sleep. I am not cutting out my sleep or damaging my health. I enjoy working out, and I don’t even spend immense amounts of time doing that in a day (normally) anyway, so that’s gotta stay. I enjoy my job, and my lifestyle, so I will continue. I enjoy coaching clients in my off-time (after work) and I find it incredibly rewarding, so that’s staying too. I love my friends and family, and my time spent with them (or on the phone with them) is totally necessary to my heart. I don’t watch much TV, so I guess I could do without that in the overall scheme. Also, I suppose I would just work to find efficiencies in my house work/food prep/personal care/laundry type processes in order to keep things going.

What about you? How do you spend your time?
Even without a scenario where half the hours of the day are cut out – are there areas that you feel you could be spending that time in a way that is more meaningful? Do you get enough sleep? Are you prioritizing your health and wellness? Do you spend time with your family and friends enough? Are you helping your family/partner around the house as much as you could? Are you engaging in activities that test your mental capacity, or grow you as a person? Do you lose yourself in the TV or phone for hours and then wonder where the day went?

If you aren’t sure – maybe an exercise in logging your habits/activities for a day or two (or week) would allow you to see where you spend your time, and let you do an inventory of your habits, to see if they align with your beliefs and goals. Don’t be afraid of this – just think of it as a little experiment & enjoy the process!


By DreamerSD

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