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The Show Must Go On

Sorry COVID, but you don’t get to win today.

Back in the early part of this year, I decided to sign up for a half marathon, which you can read about here. I was so excited! I felt so nervous, but in the best way. Since then, clearly COVID came barreling through like the fun-sucking nightmare that it is, and of course my half marathon was cancelled.

For SOME reason I thought “well that sucks, guess next year”…but then my friend Sara reminded me…I don’t NEED a half marathon to run 13.1 miles!? It occurred to me that there’s plenty of time in 2020 left to accomplish this goal, and I don’t need a medal or a finish line photo, I just need to do it for myself.

I have re-committed to preparing for this, and my goal is to run 13.1 miles (all at one go) before the end of 2020. If I finish at 11:59pm on December 31, 2020, that’s totally fine, but I WILL do it. I honestly feel like it might be even better this way, because I won’t have the nerves or anxiety that could come with a set race day. I won’t have the pressure of hundreds of strangers watching me run, or feel scared because of the crowds. I won’t be afraid that I will have to look silly in public for all the world to see, and I won’t have to feel the sadness of not “finishing fast enough” and being told I have to stop if my pace isn’t what someone else says it should be. I’m actually quite excited! What do you think?!


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