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Recap & December 2020 Goals

Somehow I got so wrapped up in life and everything else that I seem to have forgotten to post my updates!? Whoops! That’s ok though, because a large part of the reason I have been behind is because 1. I have been crushing goals, 2. I have been exploring and thoroughly enjoying my new(ish) relationship/partner and 3. I have been spending time with family. Let’s play catch up though and get the December goals nice and clear so I can end 2020 with a bang!

  1. Money –
    – Really I have been less fixated on my financial situation in the past 2-3 months, but I know that with the holiday’s coming I need to plan ahead. I have definitely done better with self-moderating my purchases and behaving with my online spending, after my “no online shopping” test back in August.
    – One thing I have started since my last update financially is I opened an investment account. I haven’t ever dealt in the stock market previously, as an individual outside my retirement plans, but I find it fun and interesting to learn about. I have re-allocated a portion of my monthly savings toward this and though it’s just a small amount, I hope to learn more and grow it.
    – I had previously been looking into/preparing for (perhaps) my first go at real estate and purchasing a condo. I’m not in a huge hurry for it, but I have it on my financial radar, so I am just working on saving toward a down payment for the time being.
  2. Food/Fitness –
    – Food – Admittedly, from September to October, my food wasn’t perfect, and I was doing a bit less healthily than I could have been, BUT I am ok with that from time to time, as I think it’s important to live and enjoy life/experiences. Luckily, I wasn’t too derailed, since I was (literally) sort of “outrunning my diet” since I was running so dang much. I did get back on track though and clean things up a LOT in November, since I’ve been home with my parents for a visit. I want to encourage them to eat well/healthily and do more cooking at home versus dining out…so I have really seen some gains (well losses actually?), as far as fat and body composition.
    – Fitness – WOW. Well, since August, I did actually do really well on the fitness front. I set myself a goal to run a half marathon distance by the end of 2020 (read here), and then ended up SMASHING that goal by getting it finished 6 weeks into my training plan, at the end of October (read here)! Since that goal wrapped SUPER early I have (of course) set some new ones.  Also since I’ve been home with the parents and away from my typical life/routines, I have been much more consistent in the gym…which has been super nice. Feeling some strength coming back and seeing lots of progress in my muscle tone/definition.
    Now by the end of 2020:
    I want to be able to do at least 1 unassisted chin up
    I also have to keep up/increase my strength and mobility training focus more, since I also signed up for a Spartan City Race in March 2021!
  3. Travel –
    – COVID being what it is, just going to/from my parents house is all the traveling that is really in the cards for me for the near future, and through December. I will be spending Christmas/New Years Eve at my own home and I don’t have anything booked right now due to the state of the world and travel restrictions. 
  4. Other –
    – For now I feel I’m doing enough and exactly where I want/need to be. I have been looking into learning more about other areas of interest in my life, but I don’t feel like creating more stress for myself at the moment so I am keeping my expectations for my own productivity in check and hoping to make it through the holiday season with my mental, emotional, and physical health in peak condition. 

What are YOUR goals for the coming month? Anything you want to really think and lay out a plan for as far as those New Years Resolutions for 2021?


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