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Product Review – Powerbeats Pro

This review is not sponsored by anyone – just my own opinions on the product.

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Since I have been on a “fitness journey” for some time now (going on three years, in April), I have noticed there are some things/items that have made my life better/easier and my workouts more enjoyable/effective. One such game changer was my conversion from wired to wireless headphones. I have long been of the mindset that the corded/wired headphones are sufficient for the purpose of listening to music while I work out. I figured that the battery suck of wireless headphones would drain my phone so quickly – and really just not give me such good sound quality. BOY was I wrong.

This past summer/fall I really took on the challenge of running, which was a new endeavor, and in doing such I wanted to complete a half marathon (which I did, and you can read about here). This required an intense amount of training, which meant a LOT of miles. I truly noticed the need for good headphones while I was out running for (literally) hours at a time. My old (wired) around ear “beats by Dre” headphones from 6-7 years ago were kicking the bucket and I found myself fiddling with my cords and connections during runs, which was incredibly frustrating. I bought probably 4 wired headsets/headphones during that training season, and none brought me joy. I finally gave in and since I knew I loved the old set, sought out the Powerbeats Pro. Along with already wanting them, I saw a glowing endorsement from Peloton Run Coach, Becs Gentry, which really solidified my decision. I figured that if a professional runner/coach felt these were good, I likely would as well.

Now, let’s get into WHY I love these so much and my feedback!
1. PRICE – These are in the range of $200.00 – but, for instance, right now are on special for $169.00 which I would say is a STEAL. For all that I love about them, this price doesn’t offend me a bit. If we calculated my hours of use compared to the price, I am definitely going to be on the winning side. I believe in spending a little more for quality, and I truly believe these are worth it!

2. FEEL & AESTHETICS – These don’t have the hard/cold feel of plastic, but instead have that really soft/buttery smooth sort of silicone feel. The parts that hook around your ear are malleable and don’t rub. They come with three different sizes of inner ear covers, so you can make sure they won’t hurt your ear canal and they don’t pinch/squeeze my ears, so I can wear them for hours and multiple days in a row, with comfort. They come in a lovely array of colors (I got the yellow ones) which I appreciate, as a person who enjoys a little pop of personality in my accessories.

3. BATTERY LIFE – I love that these have a 9 hour battery life. They also can be charged simply by putting them in their case. The case holds a charge as well, so even if it’s not connected to the charger all the time, when you put them back in the case, the case’s reserve will charge them, so you rarely get low on battery. Also, for those with iPhones, it has a nice feature now in the recent update, where you can see the battery life for the case AND each ear piece individually. You can wear one, or both, and it will show if one ear piece is running low on battery.

4. SOUND QUALITY – These are not noise cancelling BUT they have SO much sound, bass, and clean listening ability. I absolutely am so impressed by it, and I can listen to music, audiobooks or more with exceptional clarity.

5. EASE OF USE – Straight away, out the box fresh, SO easy to pair with my phone. I read the quick start instructions, and they were super intuitive to use. Just like the old wired ones, a series of taps/clicks will move the song forward or back, and stop the sound altogether. The great thing is, you can do it with EITHER ear piece, and volume control is also on both. I am not an amateur but I’m not a super tech driven person either, so I was a little worried about being able to make them work, but have had no problems. Sometimes if I put them on and sound is only coming through one ear piece, I just pop them both back into the case, shut the lid, reopen and they re-pair themselves and work fine.

What are your MUST have workout accessories? Why do you love them so much?


By DreamerSD

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