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The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we would become.

Charles Du Bos

Recently one of my favorite Peloton instructors, Robin Arzon, was discussing some of the steps she took prior to, and during, her career transition from law to fitness. She too mentioned sacrifice, and much like the quote, it made me really think about what I was willing to sacrifice in the quest for my future, and my highest self.

Sacrifice is often seen as a negative, or a “bad” thing, like one is withholding something or giving something up that they don’t want to, but truly sacrifice can be positive. It is in understanding the balance of what we choose or indulge in, in the present, contrasted with what we seek for our future. Sometimes these sacrifices are larger than others, but most the time, they are small actions, performed on a consistent basis.

Can I sacrifice something now, for a better financial future? Can I sacrifice immediate indulgence in food or alcohol for a healthier tomorrow? Will I sacrifice a few hours of “relaxation” time in order to ensure my home is clean and comfortable? … and the inverse of that … Can I sacrifice one evening of “productivity” or work for a relaxing time of focus on those I love or care for?


By DreamerSD

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3 replies on “Sacrifice”

Its so cool how we can shake up our perspectives just by changing how we look at one word! I didn’t like the quote at first but I can tell this will stick with me. Thanks!

That’s so awesome to hear, and I’m glad you were able to move past/read past the quote and digest the rest of the post still. I appreciate that so much and I’m glad that you feel the message can stick with you!

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