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December 2020 Goal Recap

I figured I should round out and recap this month’s goal post, since I have  whole “2021 goal post” that will be coming anyway.

  1. Money –
    – I did well and kept my holiday spending in check. I bought some gifts for the people in my life who matter most, but didn’t go overboard, as I have well been known to do. I tried to think practically about what they might need/want, and I feel good about this holiday season!
    – My investment account is still growing, and I am super excited to learn more. I have been watching my money grow slowly, and also been taking in some youtube videos on investing/the stock market, to try and learn more. It’s been really fun and I don’t mind spreading my savings/investments in different ways.
    – I have been looking into/preparing for (perhaps) my first go at real estate and purchasing a condo. I’m not in a huge hurry for it, but I have it on my financial radar, so I am just working on saving toward a down payment for the time being. Still saving for that goal, but I have slowed the pace a bit, to better support some other areas of my life and priorities that take precedence first.
  2. Food/Fitness –
    – Food – I didn’t do badly this month, especially considering all the holiday events. Truthfully, so far it’s been more about me NOT eating enough/routinely that I need to improve on. Alcohol intake was (of course) slightly elevated, but I feel good about my choices.
    – Fitness – I have actually kept up with my workouts fairly consistently this month and while I lost the ability to train at my home to be able to do a chin up – I am still actively working on that goal. I also have kept in mind my Spartan City Race in March 2021 and am excited to build some muscle!!
  3. Travel –
    – As much as I wish I could, there’s not anything booked as of now. I have a voucher to use when/if the world comes out of travel lockdown, and I think that will def be a solo/girls trip! 
  4. Other –
    – I was aiming to keep my expectations for my own productivity in check and make it through the holiday season with my mental, emotional, and physical health in peak condition. I feel that has been the case, and I honestly am so looking forward to 2021!

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