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2020 Recap

As 2020 winds down, let’s see where I wanted to be, and where I ended up! You can read my 2020 “plan” here, or just read the recap to get a feel for my previous intentions.

Health – I committed to 30 minutes of activity each day, for a “majority” of each month. I was also focused on being more flexible this year and allowing for “activity” vice strict “workouts” – which I def did! I ended up really surpassing the 30 minutes most the time and genuinely felt better about my consistency because I was choosing what felt good, not what I felt I SHOULD do.

Walking – I had committed to walking more and boy did that one blow beyond…I not only walked more – I RAN. I ended up training for and completing a half-marathon!!

DRY JANUARY – *Sigh* I love a good pub. I love to sip on whiskey and listen to live music. I love a good, freshly poured Guinness with my steak. Alas – I wanted to cut back, and I did manage to for the month of January! I also found better balance all around with my ability to moderate my alcohol consumption all year.
As for “dry January” I had one whiskey and one beer. It’s not ZERO, I know – BUT it’s a vast improvement.
For your comparison/understanding: October 2019, I had (that I kept track of) a whopping 41 alcoholic drinks. That’s almost 2 per day (and many were all enjoyed at the SAME time/day aka binge drinking).

Conscious spending This really helped me. I wanted to make some changes in my financial fitness, and how I acted/reacted in relation to money.

Starbucks Challenge – Read about this full recap here. I straight owned this challenge, and I was/am super proud of how well I did.

Cook – I wanted to cook more and eat at home more consistently, and I did. I not only cooked but I found healthier options, and more tasty ways to prepare the foods I need. I followed this up also with macro tracking (read about that here) and have made some pretty great food AND progress toward my health/fitness goals. I spent less and I look/feel better. Win win.

Replenish – I wanted to focus on “using what I have” before I bought anything to replace said item. Food, shampoo, old spices in the cupboard, and more – I took this to heart and did really well! Not only did it help with my downsizing, but I don’t feel like such a hoarder, with 6 bottles of body wash for no damn reason. It’s the end of December now, and I literally am down to my LAST bottle of body wash in the cupboard! There’s a ton of other things I have used up as well, and it feels great!

Mental engagement – I wanted to increase my mental fitness and find new/interesting ways to learn more and challenge my mind. I ended up really enjoying this! I read more, re-started playing chess, took classes, got back into my musical instruments (some), and did so much more than I would have in the past to really let my mind run! I found the joy of creativity with some Low Fantasy Gaming and role play, I relaxed my mind in fantasy worlds with online games that I hadn’t experienced before, and I generally just re-invigorated my love of learning.

Get the FU** Up – I am NOT a morning person and I never hid that fact; however, I this year I did learn to get up. I practiced my morning routine, tweaked it many times, and learned to set myself up for success through using my mornings for me. I read my news, drank my coffee, journaled, planned my day, and found a place in my day that I (surprisingly) now enjoy.

Clearing Space – I wanted to downsize. Let go of old possessions and things that held memories I no longer wanted or needed. I wanted to clear space for myself to live in a less chaotic environment and I did! My place is far less full now, and I have the things I love, that make me happy, and not so much excess. I can actually put things away, and I found myself finally able to let go/release some of the old feelings/emotions associated with certain mementos.

I lost an aunt, and a cousin. I had family and friends battle COVID. I loved and lost (twice!) in the romance department. I overcame injuries and fears. I got promoted at work. Writing this out, I feel very proud of my accomplishments! I did the above and THEN SOME, and I am SO grateful that I wrote things down, so I could compare and contrast my life since just one year ago. I saw a quote recently that said “every Monday is a mini New Year” and I tend to agree; however, I really see every day as a chance to start over, do better, forgive myself for falling short and to try again. Now to plan for 2021…!


By DreamerSD

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3 replies on “2020 Recap”

You should be proud of yourself. I have had a firm no “New Year’s resolutions” policy for years. However, this year, I too sat down and wrote out some goals for the year. I look very forward to doing a similar evaluation of my progress on those goals next year. However, I doubt I will find I have done nearly as well as you! Great job!

Happy New Year! And thank you!
I’m sure you will do so well & no matter how much, you should be proud of all your efforts. I can’t wait to hear if you decide to make some changes and how you enact those in your day to day!

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