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I decided early in 2020 that I wanted to be better about maintaining my blog and writing more. I set out to be more diligent and consistent in my practices, and ended up posting 224 times in 2020!? Even I am surprised by that number!

Here are some of my takeaways thus far:
1. It’s as much for me as it is for anyone else – Truly, it’s sort of cathartic. Of course I am happy and such that people read my blog, but I find it to be so much more to me than “just” my blog.
2. It helps me stick to my goals and be accountable – As with #1^ – I feel so much more willing to stick with things when I have to “answer” for my actions in writing. I can’t just write about things and then not live them, hold to them, or be truthful.
3. It helps me get things out and move forward – Also, that catharsis is linked to this as well. I have many journals and track/log various parts of my life, but my blog reads more like a diary in a sense, and is different than my daily journals that I keep. I enjoy the fact I can have a blank canvas to just let out whatever is on my mind. I can make notes, start a post and come back to it when I feel the time is right. I can get things out of my head/heart and feel better able to move through those feelings/emotions or situations.
4. Just one reader is reason enough – I don’t have the largest blog following or make money from it, and that’s just fine by me. I love when readers comment or “like” posts, because I like to believe that someone out there really felt understood, less alone, or like they could relate. In a world where human interaction is so limited, it truly is nice to feel connected to some sort of humanity.
5. It improves relationships – My friends and family who know me in “real life” are often given insight into parts of me that aren’t typically accessed. Whether that’s due to lack of communication, distance, or just conversations that have not yet come up, people in my circle find out things about me that are new to them; then they bring those back to me, and we are able to dialogue, have new/fresh conversations or better understand where our past experiences have brought us. It’s surprising to hear the feedback from people I know and to feel it add another dimension to the relationship.

With that – THANK YOU – to everyone who has taken time to read my little slice of the interweb. I appreciate your likes, comments and return readership. YOU are amazing!


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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