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Product Review – The Peloton Tread+

Peloton made a name for itself with their bike (read my review of the bike here); however, their treadmill experience is equally as awesome. Check them out here if you are interested!

I have historically never categorized myself as one to enjoy cardio, and certainly never a “runner” by any stretch of the imagination; however, this past year I decided to test myself by attempting a half marathon, which ended up giving me a much better appreciation for running (or for me, jogging lol). With that, let me get started and jump right in then on the Tread+, the purchase process, price, integration, and general info!

Purchase/Price – As with my purchase of the Peloton Bike, Peloton uses “Affirm” for financing, and it has the option for 0 down/0 interest. I have used Affirm before for various purchases and they have been quick/easy, so I had no qualms about doing that again. I opted for the Tread+ with a 36 month warranty/protection plan – since I know it can be SO expensive to have someone fix things outside of a warranty, and this thing is A BEAST of a machine.
Since I already had all the necessary things, the offerings for “bonus” items as a Veteran weren’t really applicable to me this time around, but they do offer perks, so ask them about it! They also do referral offers so if you know someone – drop their email and they will likely give you some or all of those items free, and/or a referral bonus in the form of a voucher to use toward apparel and accessories.

Purchase Price total (with delivery fees & warranty): $4,952.87
Before we even start, clearly I know it is not a small ticket purchase and can completely understand people’s reservations about it, given the hefty price tag; however, there is a less expensive option (the Tread, vice the Tread+, which will run you about half the cost), so please keep that in mind as well.
FOR ME – I know I will use it. I have been on a fitness journey/routine for the better part of 3 years almost now, and I have established routines and consistency that ensure this will not just become a glorified clothes drying rack. Also, given the state of the world with COVID, I don’t feel at all bad about making sure I keep my fitness up in my home environment. No excuses, and no putting myself at unnecessary risk.
As I also pointed out in my previous review of the Bike, the monthly cost is honestly comparable to that of any boutique gym membership in a larger city. I know people who pay more than 167.00 a month for lashes/nails/hair, meals out, alcohol, smoking and much more, so I don’t feel bad about my investment.

Monthly payment (Tread+ Payment): $127.00
Monthly membership (App): $40.00 ** This is one monthly fee, that allows me to use both my bike and the tread.
Total Monthly Cost: $167.00

Delivery & Setup – I placed my order and my Tread+ was delivered within 15 days. Now that Peloton has a San Diego showroom (UTC Mall) – it might be even faster for some! The setup was a two person team and it literally took about 60 minutes or less. It was contracted out to the delivery company JB Hunt, who were professional, scheduled and arrived within the set time frames, set up the Tread+, took all trash with them and did it all within COVID safety measures. As I said, it is NOT a small or light item – so this is not something you could easily do on your own with a “drop at the door” option.

Tread+ – I have said it twice now but seriously, they aren’t joking when they say it is big and heavy. It is and I am glad I am on the first floor/ground level. For being quite hefty though, it is cool looking and gives me some super futuristic vibes. More important than aesthetics, it’s quiet. For a treadmill I can honestly say I am impressed with how quiet it is, even as I get up into faster speeds.
It is quite large/tall so make sure you have the space around AND above, for the incline to be applied and not have the (huge) screen hitting the ceiling.
The slats and actual running area are SO nice. The bounce/cushion make it feel so much easier on my joints, and truthfully, when I run it feels like the exertion is about half of how I feel outside, so I easily do twice the amount of time/distance each time on the Tread+ than I would outdoors. I don’t notice much movement/shifting or shaking, but I’m sure in the future if I do, a tech can make that right.
There’s a “free” option which allows the belt/slats to move by YOUR power, not that of the treadmill, which is an awesome feature! You can really test how it feels to run under your own momentum and see where you’re at in relation to your goals, without necessarily having to go outdoors.
The screen. This thing is BIG, and with that, it comes with a built in soundbar. The screen and sound are great, and make the experience so much more impressive. The interface is just as easy to use as their app, and very like the bike, so it was almost zero learning curve.
One of my favorite features is the location/placement of the speed and incline “buttons”. Instead of being buttons on the screen in front of you, like a traditional treadmill, they are spin wheels and located on the hand rails, which allow for a much faster and easier adjustment. Speed on the right, incline on the left, and just a light roll of the hand will move your numbers up and down. They also have a “quick button” in the center of each knob, where you can press and it will auto adjust to the next level up for you (so if you’re at 4.5, you hit the button and it will move you to 5.0 speed).
There’s a nice size tray with two cup holders that crosses the front, and has enough room to keep a phone, a sweat towel, or a number of other items.

Extras & Accessories – For the tread, that’s not really a thing. There are of course things like mat work and similar, but I don’t need or use any of that. I have not yet tried out any headphones (I live alone) so I can’t speak to that interface…yet – but I might give it a go, just to see how they pair.

Classes/App – The actual app (where you choose your classes) can have other profiles for FREE. I (right now) have myself and about 8 other people on my account, and they don’t have to pay ANYthing to access the classes – so if someone else lives with you they can use the bike or tread too and keep their metrics/milestones.
The app has SO much more than running and spin classes. There are outdoor walking and running, yoga, strength training, guided meditation and more. They vary in duration, type of music, intensity and there are SO many classes that you would have to work out like a maniac to ever get through them all. During the runs you can see as little or as much of the metrics that you want, with just a tap. You can view (or hide) the speed, time, leaderboard, etc. In the class you can “high five” other riders and see where you fall in the rankings, if you like a bit of a competition. Link it to your spotify and even keep a running list of songs you “heart” throughout class so you don’t have to stop and “shazam” things mid run.
Classes are offered live or you can do them “on demand” later. There are various showrooms across the country though – and you can book ahead of time and go be a part of a live taping OR take a live class (post COVID obvs). I haven’t done it yet but I plan to check it out when/if I ever make it to the NYC area!
They offer the “high fives” in the workouts – but outside of the workout they also have fun monthly “challenges” you can enroll in, and they give “achievement badges” for various milestones or activities. It’s just another little “fun” thing that helps me feel motivated. For “milestones” – a “century run” will get you a special “100 club” tank top or t-shirt, for free (you pay for shipping).
NOTE – There is NO PAUSE BUTTON. They designed it that way on purpose (from what I can tell) – but if you gotta stop, you just delete that workout and do another later…or let the metrics look worse than they would have. I don’t mind it. Honestly if I need to pee, I will go, come right back, and I have been just fine. If I’m SUPER disappointed by the workout, I will just delete it.

Overall – 10 out of 10. This is something I’ve been tracking and eyeballing for months, and I am so happy with the investment. I’ve had mine for about 9 months and I am nothing but happy with it. I take classes out of “boredom”, or walk with the “nature” options going, so I can just prop my laptop on it and work while I walk. It keeps me warm, helps me stay active and allows me to expend energy that I might not otherwise be so inclined to. Procrastination and justifications/excuses like “bad weather” or “busy” are no longer an issue and legit, their classes make me smile the whole way through! I SO love the runs/walk and I would honestly have never though I could feel that way about running. If you’ve been considering it – I encourage you to take the leap – it’s seriously awesome! Find me on the Peloton app under username “dreamer_sd7”

**This is not an ad and I am not paid to endorse this product**


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