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Oops, I did it again!

…signed up for ANOTHER half marathon that is!

January 2020, I decided I wanted to try and tackle a half marathon, because I’ve never really been a runner (or any sort of endurance athlete for that matter), and I wanted to see if I could do it. Well, fast forward a bit through good old COVID, and of course, by March 2020, my half was cancelled. It took me a little while to get my mindset back in the right place, but then I re-committed in September and completed a half marathon (not a “race” but just me doing one on my own) by the end of October 2020.

Visiting with my friend “C” over the weekend, she being an avid half marathoner and general beast, I signed up for the San Diego Rock & Roll half marathon in June 2021! As long as I’ve lived in San Diego, I have heard of the Rock & Roll series, but I honestly never thought I would take part…but here we are. I have a Spartan City Race scheduled for the end of March 2021, which is perfect timing because I can take a little week off of training after that race is done, then launch into a solid 8 week half-marathon training plan!

Very excited to see how I do this time, since my first half marathon was less than ideal in a few ways.
1. Route. The R&R will be a solid route that won’t need to have double backs, whereas my first was really just me going back and forth up a 1-1.5 mile stretch of road. I know my mental game and time were both impacted by the (seemingly) endless “turn around” at each end of the road.
2. Solitude – I enjoyed the solitude and lessened feeling of pressure during my first half, but I think I am now mentally ready to have some support. I know the R&R is supposed to have some great music and a really strong backing up supporters along the way.
3. Preparation – I did a training plan, but it is difficult to train for something that you’ve never done, so this time should be way more effective. With that, I have my Peloton Tread+ now, so I have been running more frequently, and feel like it will be good to not have such strain on my joints/body for EVERY run. I will need to get back out and get on the road running more, but the augmented Tread+ runs will def not hurt.
With that, I also have better ideas of my fueling needs (gels, carb drinks etc) and have found shoes/a running kit that I enjoy and feels comfortable.

All this to say – I am PUMPED! My first half I had (loosely) made it a goal to do it in sub 3 hours, so this one in June, I am aiming for sub 2.5 hours. Will keep you posted as it goes along and can’t wait to see how I can improve!


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