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I find it interesting to look back and recall how I felt in the past, compared to the present. Sometimes that is painful and sometimes it feels good. Today is one of those days that I feel “good” and know that looking back, I can remember times when it didn’t – and for that I am grateful.

Today I woke up with a hint of muscle soreness. Not the DOMS or some sort of crippling pain, just a little hint in the areas that I focused on yesterday during an intense strength training session, followed by a 30 minute cardio workout. Total workout of about 90 minutes, on top of having worked out for the past 4 days straight before.

I feel grateful, because I can CLEARLY remember times, as recent as just in the last year, when I woke feeling like a zombie, barely able to squat or get up from the toilet without my muscles seizing. I remember crying almost in the night because my muscles were cramping, or being so depleted from workouts that I slept all afternoon. Workouts didn’t feel energizing or invigorating, they were straight up exhausting.

I feel so grateful to be able to move my body in ways, and durations, that I know I couldn’t before. Feeling the improvement over time, knowing my strength and endurance have increased…it all feels so lovely! I recognized and learned how to put aside my pride and do the workouts/exercises in ways that are challenging, but safe for my level of fitness. I have learned how to fuel my body before, during, and after workouts in order to alleviate some of the pain/cramping and ensure peak performance. I have practiced consistency, so my body can reach new levels and excel at increased intensity. I have habituated stretching, massage therapy, foam rolling, support bands, epsom salt baths, and sleep prioritization and more, to allow my body (and mind) to have the best recovery possible.

Our bodies (and minds) are so adaptable, and with consistency we can truly train in ways that we might almost never believe. I would not have believed you (or me!) three years ago if someone said I would be able to do a full 90 minutes of strength/lifting followed by 30 minutes of cardio, and not really feel any pain the next day. I wouldn’t believe I could do half the things I can now, and for that I am just continually inspired, motivated and encouraged.


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