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Review – Freshly Meal Subscription Service

In the past I have written about various other meal services, such as:
Every Plate, Methodology, and Hello Fresh … well we’re back with another! This go round I gave Freshly a shot because: 1. I had it personally recommended to me, 2. I needed to have a more calculated approach to my nutrition/diet goals and 3. I wanted pre-cooked meals rather than boxes that I needed to cook the food ahead of time.

I know, I KNOW, YES I went to culinary school but that doesn’t mean I like cooking for myself (just 1 person) and eating the same thing over and over again every day. It’s taxing. Just because I know how doesn’t mean I am obligated to, AND I like to keep my cooking as something fun and special nowadays, like making a lovely meal for my friends or loved ones. I digress.

Back to Freshly.
1. Price – I think this is one of the large/most impactful factors for people, so I want to talk about it first. I have a code/link that can get you $20 off your first two orders…so use it! Save yourself $40.00 total across 2 weeks and TRY some meals out. I opted for the 10 pack (essentially 2 meals a day for 5 days of my week), knowing that I often eat with friends/order delivery at least once or twice on a weekend. Their pricing obviously goes up/down as you order more/less of the meals, ranging from $11.49/meal to $8.49/meal.

To be honest – this seems pricey perhaps (around 375.00 per month for me), but I don’t waste money now during the M-F week ordering food out of convenience, I also have drastically cut back on the food I have thrown away. I have yet to throw out a Freshly meal because it was expired/I didn’t eat it in time, which is a big win for me! I used to often buy things in hopes I would eat/cook them, but then the end of the week would roll around and I would just fill up my garbage with food that went bad. I also get this delivered to my door, which cuts out on my going to the store, gas and also just “impulse” spending when I would go to the store and buy random things that weren’t on the list. I know I am SO guilty of buying more than I need and ignoring the list, so now when I go to the store I am typically just getting some bananas/produce and specific items like protein bars. Having just finished “Dry January” it’s been even more helpful to not browse the booze area each week and combat fully falling into old patterns/routines.

2. Delivery – With the pricing, there’s delivery and it’s all shipped in a refrigerated, recyclable box with ice packs. I have never worried about my meals being bad due to shipping, and the one delivery that I got ONE day late, freshly automatically gave me a $10.00 account credit and sent me multiple emails to advise that it was delayed & apologized. Tracking isn’t quite as interactive/reliable as with Methodology, but I chose my delivery day of the week as Tuesday, as I know I’m typically not busy then/home to receive.

3. Taste/nutrition – One thing I enjoy about freshly is the fact the meals aren’t frozen like other ones you might purchase at a store. I have found a few I don’t enjoy – but their website allows you to rate the meals and that way I can remember not to choose those again. Also, I really like that they have a “Freshly Fit” option, which is more centered around healthy choices AND you can sort (while you’re choosing your meals) by fat content, protein, etc. I like to get a mix of the regular and the “fit” meals, so I can have balance in my days of a more “healthy” one and then a more “fun” or carby/rich one. They have a fair amount of meals to choose from and I have found the portions to be quite right to let you feel satiated. They have new meals in the rotation each week, but you can always just choose the “carry over” option and your meals will repeat each week until you choose to change them.

4. Ease – SO easy. Directions are right on the packaging and typically they take under 3 minutes to microwave. I love the convenience of these, especially during the workday, and I have been so much happier with fewer dishes to wash from cooking/plating meals and/or meal prepping.

Overall, I say go for it. As a single person who lives alone, this is SO convenient and worthwhile. I’m certain it’s not for everyone, but I do recommend this company and will likely continue to order from them for the foreseeable future.


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