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Dry January – Week 3 Recap

Read about my Dry January 2020 here. Side note, I find it annoying to keep reading/typing “Dry January” so henceforth it is abbreviated to DJ. Week 1 Recap can be found here, and week 2 here.

So it’s officially been over 21 days with no alcohol, and that’s just sort of crazy to wrap my head around! Heading into the last week of this DJ, here’s where I am at:

1. Sleep – I have still been sleeping quite well, with the occasional night off track here and there, but overall, getting up in the morning has felt SO much better! I even adjusted my wake up time to TWO hours before I have to log in for work instead of just one, and started doing some morning workouts in there! That alarm clock is not my favorite sound, but I can definitely tell that waking up is much more tolerable.
2. Body – Feeling tired and depleted, (see point 3 for more on that!), but also seeing/feeling physical gains in the fat loss/physique side of the house. I can really tell the workouts are more effective, and I am able to work out harder!
3. Energy & Focus – Ok so my highs from Weeks 1 & 2 seemed to level out and with the: 1. introduction of my Peloton Tread+ 2. the addition/increase of a new workout/weight lifting program from my coach and 3. my lady time of the month coming – I am/was exhausted. One good thing, I was really able to FEEL my feelings and my body fatigue. I was able to listen to it, and adjust accordingly, sleeping MUCH more than normal.

The temptation was there a couple times (again driven by mostly food/drink moments) but I came out unscathed and I feel like making it through the rest of the month will be a breeze! I know in February I do have some “planned” outings that will involve alcohol, but am going to do my best to keep planning them, not just drinking every night because I can.

Anyone else out there doing DJ? How’s it going? Tips, tricks or just want to share your experience?

**If you suffer from any sort of addiction, or just feel like you want to take better control of your interactions with any substance or experience, please contact your medical practitioner, clergy or any other trusted source. I, nor my blog, are advocates for or against the use of drugs, alcohol or any other behavior.


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